Digital Health Activation Service

It is more important than ever to take good care of ourselves and, with modern technology, it is easier than ever to look after ourselves. Our mission at the Digital Health Activation Service is to reduce health inequalities across Liverpool by educating people and healthcare practitioners about simple, everyday digital tools that are available to support good health.

Our main areas of work are currently:

  • Digital inclusion
  • Improving digital skills across Liverpool
  • Supporting care and residential homes with digital tools to better care for their residents
  • Promoting digital health tools in primary and secondary care settings for better patient care
  • Promoting new and innovative digital health tools such as websites and apps as and when they become available.

Our Current Projects

Have a look at some of the digital health tools we are currently working with.

We are currently offering online training sessions around these digital health tools so if you would like to arrange one, free of charge and at a time and date to suit you, please contact us at