Employment Support

Employment rates for people with severe and enduring mental illnesses are unacceptably low. Nationally, 90 percent of people with a severe and enduring mental illness want to work, but only 8 percent are in paid employment.

If you feel that you would like to gain or change paid employment our Pathways Advisors, together with our trusted partners, can give you the help and support you may need. This may include:

  • A recovery college course, such as Building Confidence or Managing Anxiety might help you to feel more positive about applying for jobs
  • A referral to volunteering opportunities within or outside Mersey Care may help you to build the confidence to work as a member of a team
  • Specific support around CV writing or interview preparation that will help you to feel more practised
  • Benefits advice to help with the practicalities of managing money whilst returning to paid work.


We have the means to support you every step of the way on your journey into employment.

If you are under the care of a Community Mental Health Team or Early Intervention in psychosis Team our Employment Advisors can work directly with you.

Employment Advisors

Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust’s Individual Placement Support employment service (IPS) has been working with people with mental health difficulties for over twenty five years. Our service is one of only a few in the country to be rated as a ‘Centre of Excellence’ with an ‘Exemplary’ rating, the highest award achievable. If you are under the care of a Community Mental Health Team or Early Intervention in Psychosis Team our Employment Advisors can work directly with you.

  1. Liverpool
  2. Warrington and Halton
  3. Wirral
  4. Sefton.

Our Employment Advisors work within a model called Individual Placement Support (IPS).

Principles of this model:

  • It aims to get people into competitive employment
  • It is open to all who want to work
  • It tries to find jobs consistent with peoples job preferences
  • It works quickly
  • It brings employment specialists into clinical teams
  • Benefits advice and support is
  • Employment specialist develop relationships with employers based upon a persons work preferences
  • It provides time unlimited, individualised support for the person and their employer.

If you are interested in returning to employment, or are struggling in the job you are in because or your mental health, please contact us and let us help and support you.


IPS Service contact details:

Telephone/email for Liverpool: 0151 478 6556 or mcn-tr.ips@nhs.net

Telephone/email for Warrington and Halton: 07770 735 865 or mcn-tr.ips@nhs.net

Email for Wirral: mcn-tr.ips@nhs.net

Telephone/email for Sefton: 0151 709 2366 or imagine@imagineindependence.org.uk


Liverpool IPS